Dress Code


As a general rule, persons should dress in a neat and tidy manner. Members and visitors are expected to abide by the Dress Rules displayed as guides in the foyer of the Club and adjacent to the Pro Shop. The manner in which Members and visitors dress on the course and in the clubhouse is always at the discretion of the management.

Clothes that are worn on the course may be worn in the clubhouse provided that they are dry, neat and clean. Members have the responsibility to ensure that their guests accompanying them on the course or in the clubhouse meet these dress standards.

The club committee, club professional and his staff and the club management are responsible for the adherence to these rules. Any concerns should be addressed to these people, who will then undertake the appropriate action.


The following is NOT considered suitable dress for on the course:-  Shirt worn outside shorts, (unless designed for this purpose), shirts without collars (unless a recognised golf shirt), thongs, beach, board or abbreviated shorts.


Permitted on the course are all types of conventional golfing attire, which must be neat and tidy. (Refer to the Dress Regulations outside the Pro Shop).  Definitely NOT permitted are SHORT shorts (no shorter than 35cms from the waist), short skirts, track suits, tight fitting jeans, singlet tops, lycra type stretch shorts or pants.

Dress regulations of other clubs are to be observed when visiting these Clubs.